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The importance of individually balancing augers and beaters

The importance of individually balancing augers and beaters

Dynamically balancing muck spreader augers and beaters increases the longevity of machinery and maintains smooth operation, and the importance of the process can’t be underestimated.

GT Bunning and Sons has been individually balancing every auger and beater it has fitted to its twin vertical auger (TVA) and horizontal beater and spinning disc (HBD) muck spreaders, since it started building them in 1986.

“One of the main advantages of dynamic balancing is the low vibration offered by the auger or beater when in use,” says Chris Druce, sales director at GT Bunning and Sons. “Vibration causes excess fatigue throughout the machine’s assembly and without balancing, a reduced lifespan and a greater likelihood of breakdowns are both possible.”

The dynamic balancing process is similar to balancing a car tyre or a hedge cutter rotor. The auger is placed in a cradle with floor mounted sensor pads detecting any imbalance in the auger or beater profile when it is spinning.

The balancing machine then provides a readout detailing which end of the auger or beater is out of balance and where in the circumference additional weight is required. Depending on how much weight is needed, a series of different options can then be welded to correct the imbalance.

“It is a process we apply to every auger and beater that passes through the factory whether it is destined for a TVA or a HBD model,” comments Mr Druce. “As long as the muck spreader is well maintained and wearing metal is replaced evenly, the dynamic balancing will help to increase the machine’s longevity.”

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