HW Industries have been setting the standard in earthmoving equipment in New Zealand for over 60 years. They manufacture custom-built scrapers available in a range of sizes all of which use the same simple process to cut land and can fill the scraper in less than 20 seconds. Gather, carry and shift soil using a single earthmoving scraper.

Whether you’re filling gullies, flattening paddocks, creating farm raceways, roading or subdivisions, we have the perfect scraper for you. Our scrapers range from 1m³ in capacity to a colossal 11m³ with the size of your scraper only restricted by the amount of horsepower produced by your tractor.

All of our scrapers can be attached to your tractor using two different fittings, the fixed drawbar fitting or plough arm fitting. Simply hook up your tractor to the preferred fitting, attach the hydraulic hoses to the connections that you normally use and you’re ready to cut, scoop, shift, spread or dump to your hearts content.

Our scrapers are the most versatile on the market, combining a digger, dump truck, grader and scraper all in one simple, easy to use machine.
To view the HWI product range click here and to find out more, contact our Branch Manager, Darren Pulford and his team on 9792 3923.


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