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The MUNRO DROP HAMMER is the machine for all your every day fencing jobs.

This labour saving, all weather system is easy to operate and capable of installing posts up to 8ft.

Its speed and accuracy of setting makes it one of the most efficient and economical machines on the market.

Combines, in one machine, a fast action earth auger for drilling a pilot hole, with a powerful post driver for setting a tight post every time.

Hydraulic Tilt 15 degrees tilt (Left, Right, Forward, Backwards)
Oil Flow 25 to 45lpm
Max Post Height 8 Foot
Driver Hydraulic
Models Available Multi-Sett, Tele-Sett
Post Types Steel, Star, Treated Pine, Concrete, Split, Square, Round, Railway Sleepers


  • Steel
  • Star
  • Treated pine
  • Concrete
  • Split
  • Square
  • Round
  • Railway sleepers

Powerful, Flexible, Tough

  • Hydraulic reversible auger drive with a wide range of augers for different post sizes and ground conditions.
  • Forward, aft and sideways tilts combined with a wide base and two separate stability pads allows safe and efficient operation on hills or sloping ground.
  • Precise ergonomically located controls allow posts to be set quickly and accurately without fuss.
  • Has low overall height but still copes with normal posts.
  • Firm and Fast post setting, with feather touch controls
  • The 227kg (500lb) post driving dolly is under the full control of the operator at all times.
  • Variable Dolly control allows a few small taps to start the post, followed up by full stroke hits will drive the post to the required depth quickly.
  • The inbuilt hydraulic damper at the top of the dolly stroke cushions the dolly, reducing mechanical fatigue and increasing cylinder life.
  • The dolly can be stopped at any point in its downward stroke without damage to the machine. The squelch valve safely dissipates all of the load created by stopping the dolly suddenly.


The MUNRO DROP HAMMER is the world’s first digger and driver machine for your fencing jobs.

  • 227kg – 272kg hammer
  • Fastest hammer drop on the market
  • UHMWPE slide blocks for lowest friction
  • Hydraulic tilts
  • Augers to 300 mm, 12 inch
  • 25-45 lpm oil flow required
  • Sideshift Available
  • Adjustable driveshaft
  • Hands free Autodigger



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