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Mulcher SE3000 Series

Agricultural Machinery

The Kubota SE3000 Series Mulcher is a compact, heavy-duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It’s equally handy for tidying pasture and other grass fields, or chopping straw and stubble. Due to its solid construction the SE3000 promises a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. The 500 mm standard offset increases versatility and provides safer working conditions. In addition, the standard roller and skids support the chopper to maintain a constant working depth.

Product Features

The SE3000 Series, for tractors up to 80 PTO hp, is modern and versatile, with the latest generation rotor equipped with hammer blades for adaptation to most conditions. The 160 mm diameter rear roller is standard, and the top rotor speed (2243 rpm) in combination with the double counter knife and double skin guarantee excellent shredding with minimal power requirement.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to its solid construction, double skin as standard, and nylon plate in the sliding guide rail, the SE3000 Series promises a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. 

Powerful Rotor

The core of the SE3000 Series is the rotor: the high speed (max. 2243 rpm) in combination with the double counter knife and double skin guarantee an excellent shredding effect and efficient power use. 

Sturdy Frame

The SE3000 Series frame is low, compact and rounded, but sturdy enough for heavy-duty applications. The robust headstock design is taken from choppers of higher class for a “family” look, while the 3-point linkage sits close to the tractor, for efficient lift power and maximum field manoeuvrability. 

Balanaced Rear Roller

The SE3000 Series 160 mm diameter rear roller is standard, and the balanced design supports a constant working depth in all conditions. 

Reliable Transmission

The SE3000 gearbox delivers up to 80 PTO hp, with a PTO speed drive of 540 rpm. The 5 V-belts with spring-loaded automatic tensioner ensure stable rotor transmission, and the lateral drive – protected by a tough, smooth cover – provides high protection for orchard vegetation. 

Versatile Offset

The SE3000 series comes standard with a mechanical offsett. Hydraulic offsett is also available as an option.



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