Mulcher SE2000P Series

Agricultural Machinery

The Kubota SE2000P Series Mulcher is a highly versatile and manoeuvrable solution for farming and road maintenance due to the variation in working angle positions, making the SE2000P indispensable for daily farming or contracting. Compared to the SE2000 the SE2000P has major offset abilities (1250 mm) and reach positions, providing working angles impossible to achieve with similar equipment. In addition, the SE2000P allows chopper combinations with a front unit (SE4000 Series or SE6000 Series) so working coverage is optimised without any overlap.

Product Features

The Kubota SE2000P Series, with working widths of 2 to 2.5 m, offers all the features and strength required by professional users. It combines robust design with heavy construction for excellent field performance. That also means high safety and comfort during operations and maximum reliability in work.

Easy Maintenance

The SE2000P Series is easy to maintain, with minimal greasing points in combination with a hydraulic accumulator on the telescopic arm to protect against damage. 

Powerful Rotor

The core of the SE2000P Series is the powerful high-performance, high-speed rotor and huge number of tools (14 hammer blades per metre). 

Tough Headstock

Heavily tested in the laboratory (by shaking) to simulate extreme working operations, the SE2000P Series square 120 x 120 mm tube is the basis of the headstock. The arc-bend design guarantees excellent torsion stress, and a strong welding process ensures high resistance against stress from intensive use. 

Balanced Rear Roller

The standard SE2000P Series roller ensures easy adjustment of working depth in any conditions, has a diameter of 195 mm, is self-cleaning and has an integrated bearing. 

Reliable Transmission

The tough SE2000P gearbox with internal freewheel and 5 drive belts with automatic tensioner ensures smooth and reliable power transmission to the rotor at all times. 

Lateral transmission

The SE2000P transmission can handle up to 130 PTO hp, with 2 lateral pulleys that drive 5 belts. A spring-loaded automatic tensioner ensures stable rotor motion. The double-wide angle PTO shaft is standard, for optimal performance and comfort. 


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