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On today’s farms, cultivation demands have changed. Tight time slots have to be balanced with higher machine performance. Restricted crop rotations call for technology that meets all the requirements of modern cultivation. Kubota’s CU3001PF Series of folding tine cultivators offer powerful and efficient performance at high forward speeds and consistent working depth. The CU3001PF Series has a well-organised tine arrangement over 3 rows with 285 mm spacing that is designed to ensure smooth flow, optimal mixing and intensive seedbed cultivation even with long residues.

Product Features

The Kubota CU3001PF Series have a maximum working depth of 350 mm. High 750 mm inter-row clearance and even bigger 870 mm underbeam clearance ensure blockage-free operation in any conditions for maize, sunflower, wheat, oil seed, rape, stubble or big intermediate crops. The CU3001PF also comes with a wide choice of shares, rear rollers and levelling gear.

Strong Frame

The CU3001PF Series frame is a result of a long study made by FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation to optimise the steel over the working width and find a strong structure suitable for tractors up to 350 hp. The CU3001PF range has been designed to combine with even the heaviest rollers. All the most aggressive work scenarios (deep turn work, headland turns, transport) have been tested to ensure the cultivator frames are strong and reliable, as you’d expect from Kubota. 

Tines and Shares

The Auto-Reset TriFlex tine uses Kubota’s well-known leaf spring system to ensure a high point pressure of 700 kg and smooth release curve in case the tine hits an obstacle. The heat-treated tines are narrow, with two working zones to reduce pulling force while ensuring penetration even in heavily compacted soil. The CU3001PF Series is the perfect choice for deep loosening and working on heavier soil types strewn with stones. TriFlex tines can be equipped with different shares to adapt to working depths and tasks. Seven share design options are available with the Knock-on system, providing the easiest way to change parts on a cultivator for the next task or maintenance. 

Tine Deflectors

The CU3001PF Series comes standard with left and right twisted deflectors fitted right across the machine. The twisted deflectors are designed to roll the soil left and right for even more intensive mixing of residues, and avoid topside residue accumulation. 

Depth Control

Depth control for the CU3001P is achieved via 2 double acting hydraulic cylinders mounted to a parallelogram, which in turn provides the basis for mounting the rear roller to control depth. As such, depth is infinitely adjustable from the comfort of the tractor cabin. 

Levelling Gear

Levelling discs with mechanical height adjustment are directly linked to the roller. In soil conditions with clay or loam and heavy residue, they do a substantial amount of work to create an even seedbed. If the working depth changes via the roller, the levelling equipment will stay at the same optimal position thanks to the parallelogram design. Overload protection is provided by an elastic rubber buffer to avoid damage in stony or rough terrain. 

Versatile Rear Rollers

A range of roller options provide versatility. The 550 mm diameter cage roller (weighing 90 kg/m) has 10 bars for excellent loading capacity and effective crumbling in wet conditions. The 565 mm Actipack roller (220 kg/m) provides superb working qualities on medium to heavy soils and in wet, stony or sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives. The cutting discs break the larger clods while the adjustable knives cut what remains, resulting in optimal breakdown and fine seedbed preparation. 



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