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The RX series is a master in the field with the most advanced features including a 2m wide EasyFlow camless pickup, SpeedSharp system and hydraulic pivoting front wall. Krone’s RX forage wagon offers a choice inbetween the MX and ZX range with a volume size of 40m3.

  • The Camless EasyFlow pick-up has 60% fewer moving parts resulting in quieter running and reduced wear while the crop feed roller eliminates the risk of crop pushing in uneven swaths.
  • Guide wheels at the rear of the pickup enhance the overall running of the wagon. They help to ensure that the wagon does not run in the tractor wheelings ensuring that optimal pick-up height is maintained.
  • Easy flow pick-up has been increased by 100mm to a total working width of 2015mm wide.
  • Hydraulically driven pickup with the flexability to adjust speed manually between 800rpm- 1500rpm or automatically based off the ground speed.
  • The tines have been arranged in a W formation helping feed material into the middle avoiding material build up when turning helping distribute material across the full rotor width.
  • The headboard work by moving to on of three positions: 1 filled to capacity at the end of filling cycle. 2 Filling position as set by the operator. 3 unloading position ensuring fast and effective unloading.
  • When the rear of the wagon is filled to capacity the headboard inclines toward the tractor to increase the load volume area.
  • When unloading the headboard inclines towards the rear end of the machine, pushing the material to the rear
  • The PowerLoad automatic loading system relies on the established sensor that is integrated in the headboard measuring the forces acting on the headboard.
  • 2 sensors are mounted to the front wall used for the automatic loading system, sensor1 measures the pre-compression at the front of the wall and sensor 2 measures the volume at the front wall.
  • The scraper conveyor movement is regulated automatically and continuously to ensure an even load along the entire length of the wagon.
  • A scale system comes as standard with an accuracy of +/-2.5% with weights being able to be stored in the operators customer counter.
  • CCI1200 12′ screen as standard for RX series wagons


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