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Reversible Plough RM3005V Series

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The Kubota RM3005V Series Reversible Plough is for tractors up to 200 PTO hp and offers durable performance in light to heavy soils. The standard and fully adjustable Auto-line system guarantees correct pull at all times, and the 150 x 150 mm box section frame is induction heat-treated, with no welding to avoid spot weaknesses. The headstock and main shaft are also heat treated for maximum strength and hardness.

Product Features

The Kubota RM3005V Series Reversible Plough is built for tougher and stony conditions and is easily adaptable to different soils and tractors. The RM3005V incorporates clever design, standard 850 mm interbody clearance, and hollow legs to reduce weight and make the plough easy to lift and pull, regardless of weather or crops. Varied furrow options (max. 6) allow you to work straighter, and up to and around hedges and obstacles with ease.

Low Maintenance

The RM3005V Series incorporates Kubota’s advanced steel and heat-treatment technology over the entire plough. Stronger, harder steel means less weight means reduced lift requirements and easier pulling compared to other brands. The RM3005V is easy to operate and adjust, with a remarkable non-stop leg protection system for continuous ploughing and no maintenance.

Hydraulics and Headstock

Hydraulic front furrow adjustment and hydraulic alignment of the frame are standard, and use our Variomat system for stepwise adjustable working width from 300 to 500 mm. Coupling options include cross shaft, Cat. II and Cat. III or quick coupling. 

Robust Frame

Kubota plough frames are heat treated by induction twice, with closely monitored temperature transfer, to ensure strong and uniform steel throughout that’s as much as 3 times stronger. Our frames are robust, flexible and durable, and the lighter weight ratio improves pulling force, lift capacity, wear and tear, fuel consumption and ultimately tractor lifetime. RM3005V frames have no welds and therefore no critical fail points, and the 150 x 150 mm central beam will do up to 6 furrows. 

Wide Bodies

The RM3005V Series includes 2 bodies, both good for tractors with wide tyres. The steel board (#28) is suitable for all soils, wheels up to 710 mm, easy pulling and good turning. The plastic mouldboard (#34) is longer and slimmer, for soils with high humus content but no sharp stones. Working depths vary from 150 to 300/350 mm, respectively. 

Heat Treatment Technology

Kubota’s heat-treatment expertise provides steel that withstands even the toughest conditions. While other manufacturers add steel and therefore weight for strength, our robust heat-treatment technology delivers the best performance-to-weight ratio on the market, with excellent hardness and wear quality.


Kubota’s automatic non-stop Auto-Reset System is unbeatable for trouble-free ploughing. The clever multi-leaf spring system allows the plough legs to release independently and smoothly over stones and other solid objects, avoiding sudden jolts and possible damage. Once the obstruction is passed, the plough body automatically returns to the correct depth. 

Heavy-Duty Springs

The RM3005V Series can be equipped with leaf springs to suit various soil types. For softer soils, the normal package with 5 leaves will do the job. By contrast, the extra heavy-duty spring package includes 8 leaves, for harder and stonier settings and extreme soil conditions. Leaves are easily fixed by one central bolt. 



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