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Mulcher SE5000 Series

Agricultural Machinery

The Kubota SE5000 Series Mulcher is a multipurpose machine for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble, as well as cutting in vineyards and orchards. With its hydraulic offset the SE5000 is well suited to clearing out field edges, orchards and road edges. Hammer blades provide perfect shredding quality in all conditions. The SE5000 Series slide 520 mm in offset, making it ideal for field and farm maintenance, while the wide 540 mm diameter rotor guarantees excellent cut and efficient power use. In addition, easy, minimal maintenance requirements make the SE5000 Series a profitable chopper.

Product Features

The Kubota SE5000 series is suitable for tractors up to 160 PTO hp. With heavy construction for a reliable utilisation and a versatile rotor for perfect shredding in all conditions. The Kubota SE5000 seriesEasy operations in the field by hydraulic offset (52cm movements) and the easy and minimal maintenance make the SE5000 series a profitable chopper.

Minimal Maintenance

The SE5000 Series has a solid double-skin construction for long working life and minimal maintenance. 

Powerful Rotor

The 540 mm diameter rotor is based on a strong 245 x 10 mm tube, and comes standard for both hammers and universal blades. The combination of width and speed promise excellent cut with lower power requirement. 

Heavy Frame

The SE5000 Series headstock is designed and tested for heavy applications, and the trusty Kubota “family” look is taken from our power harrow design. The sliding tube is integrated into the headstock, and all stress forces are concentrated on the 3-point linkage. The 520 mm hydraulic offset is standard. 

Smooth Transmission

The SE5000 Series central gearbox delivers up to 160 PTO hp with an integrated freewheel as standard. PTO tractor input can be 540 or 1000 rpm, by inverting the belt pulleys to keep the rotor rpm constant. The 5 V-belts combined with an automatic tensioner ensure smooth transmission and prevent slippage in tough working conditions. 

Counter Knives and Double Skin

Double counter knifes and the durable double-skin construction allow for finer shredding, better residues and a longer frame life. 



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