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The Kubota GL9000 generator is a two-pole, silent-type, direct-coupled, single-phase diesel generator. The Kubota GL9000 generator has a capacity of 8.8kVA at 3000RPM, suppling 33.3 amps at 240 volts. The Kubota GL9000 diesel generator is a great choice for off-grid and solar back-up (homes and businesses), mobile businesses like food vans and pop-up shops and hire or rental companies. Our digital models also feature a remote 2-wire auto start for solar back-ups. The Kubota GL9000 diesel generator is powered by our Kubota D722 engines, renowned worldwide for their high performance and reliability. Running a range time of 8.5 hours at full load, the Kubota GL9000 diesel generator is the perfect solution to your back-up power.


Powered by Kubota’s D722 fuel efficient, water cooled diesel engines. Kubota diesel engines incorporate a TVCS combustion system which improve air/fuel mixture, resulting in cleaner emissions. The generator and the engine are direct coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.

Single-sided operation and servicing

Compact design thanks to direct coupling of the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan. Quiet operation with built-in muffler, generous air-cleaner hose and efficient inlet vent design. Single sided access for quick inspection and easy maintenance. One-point lifting eye makes transportation easy. Forklift pockets are provided in base of generator. Safety is paramount with double circuit protectors, protective cover and automatic shutdown system.


Running a range time of 8.5 hours at full load, the Kubota GL9000 diesel generator is the perfect solution to your back-up power.


The Residual Current Device will be factory fitted and this will offer a high level of personal protection to the operator from electrical shock and provide high levels of protection from potential electrical fires. The factory fitted circuit breakers offer protection against suddenly large overloads of electrical flow and large power loads potentially destroying electrical equipment. The circuit breakers offer increased safety.

Control panel

Digital Control Panel – DSE4520 (Remote Start 2 Wire).


The GL Series comes with fork pockets and lift bar as standard for ease of transport and manoeuvrability. Both the fork pockets and lift bar can be removed if required when generator is in final location


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