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DUNCAN RENOVATOR AS3000, 3500, 4000

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Tine Drills

The 3 metre to 4 metre rigid Renovator AS air seeders are highly optioned drills made for large farmers and contractors.

Featured with large easy access 700 litre seed and fertiliser hoppers and reliable and robust fluted roller metering units.

The AS drills use a large hydraulically powered fan to ensure consistent air supply on the flat plains and steep slopes.

Strong 25mm coil tines with Baker boots will place the seeds in the ground at the right depth and encourage a quick and even germination.

Often fitted with electric drive, the operator has full fingertip control of the sowing rate and constant monitoring of the hopper levels, fan speed, ground speed and hectares sown.

For an operator who strives for the best results, the AS drill is the machine for the job.

Seed size:
Small to Large
Operation size:
From 100Ha


  • Large capacity split hopper for both seed and fertiliser
  • Large platform and safety rails that can be installed on either side of the machine, enabling easy access and safer loading of the hoppers
  • Superior trash flow
  • Seed and fertiliser is delivered by air with Accord metering for improved placement
  • Butterfly valve for controlling different air rates between bins
  • Ground driven jockey wheel 
  • Nihard inverted ‘T’ point with Tungsten leading edge
  • 25mm coil tines


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