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Precision Planter PP1001 Series

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Rigid frame precision planters are a cost-efficient alternative for all kinds of farming applications. Kubota’s PP1001 Series is the perfect precision drill for farmers and contractors who need a versatile, light but strong machine that can handle various crops and row widths. The PP1001 come in small and large frames, and can be combined with optional fertiliser spreaders, front hoppers or microgranular spreaders.

Product Features

The Kubota PP1001 Series Precision Planters are available in 3 m to 6 m working widths, with 1 to 12 rows from a narrow 300 mm to an efficient 1500 mm. All of Kubota’s rigid PP1001 frames can be equipped with mechanical or electrical drives, and standard, HD-II and SX sowing row options are available. Machines with a wider working width can also be equipped with a lengthwise transport device.

High Seed Sowing

The SX sowing row has a pressurised seeding heart blowing seeds to the disc. The seed is then released from the disc and shot down the seed tube at 70 km/h with precise seed placement at up to 18 km/h. The HD-II sowing row is a heavy-duty unit with a traditional vacuum system to suck seeds to the seed disc. The air stream is then interrupted to allow the seed to fall to the furrow via gravity, allowing sowing at up to 9 km/h. 

ISOBUS Control

Kubota is heavily involved in the development of electronic solutions for agricultural tractors and machinery, to make farming easier and future-proof. Our entire range of precision planters can be optioned with full ISOBUS control, and ISOBUS is standard on some models. 

Precise Fertiliser

A 350 mm diameter notched double-disc coulter can provide blockage-free and precise fertiliser placement. Application of fertiliser can be either combined and fitted to the machine or done via a front-mounted hopper. 

Electric Drive

With the e-Drive II ISOBUS option, each sowing unit is driven individually via an electric motor. Data is captured and read via an ISOBUS universal terminal like the Tellus Go+ or Tellus PRO. Sowing distances are infinitely adjustable, even on the go, and row units can be switched off individually to save seeds and input costs. 


GEOSEED is the next chapter in precision seeding and increases row crop yields significantly. The central idea is that seeds are placed perfectly in line and perfectly in relation to each other over the full working width and ultimately the entire field, for optimal nutrient uptake. This is particularly important when wanting to do inter-row cultivating for mechanical weeding after the seed has germinated.



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