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Smith Performance Sprayers
4 months ago
Trade Equipment

Multi-Use Handheld Sprayer SMU-1.5

Smith Performance Sprayers

1.5 Litre – Handheld

The Smith Performance Sprayers Multi-Use Handheld Sprayer SMU-1.5 has been built with ease of use and durability at its core. This handheld sprayer is fitted with adjustable brass nozzle, chemical resistant seals and pressure release valve, for reliable continuous spraying. The weighted pick-up hose assures even the last drops of liquid in the tank are used, at every angle.

This small but powerful little unit is extremely versatile and a must-have in every household and trades repertoire. The heavy-duty components make this sprayer suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals commonly used in industries such as cleaning, construction, turf and agriculture, pest control and many more.

Quality and efficient hand pump with lockable shut off
1.5 Litre tank capacity
Pressure release valve for safe and easy release of internal pressure before opening the canister
Viton seals for chemical resistance and extended operating life
Weighted pick up hose allows for consistent spray applications at various angles

Flextool is the exclusive distributor for all Smith Performance Sprayers in Australia.

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