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M7-2 Deluxe

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Kubota has taken the simplicity of operation of our standard grade with select specifications from our premium grade and designed the all-new M7-2 Deluxe. Now producers can have a tractor which is easy to operate with less electronics and has features such as a Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system with 110 l/min flow and to accomplish the most demanding jobs. The M7 series keeps evolving to make your job more productive and enjoyable. Since its launch to the market, the Kubota M7 series has contributed to making farm work more productive and comfortable. It’s hard to beat your best, but that’s what Kubota just did. Carefully listening to feedback from Australia and New Zealand, we have proudly introduced an improved M7 that brings even greater productivity and operability to the field.

Product Features

Hydraulic Flow Control Adjustment (Standard and Deluxe Models only) means you no longer need to leave the cab to adjust the hydraulic flow rate. The flow rate adjustment dial is now conveniently located within easy reach from inside the cab, saving you time—and improving productivity— when setting up the tractor for various types of work. The M7-2’s front suspension helps to maintain proper traction while the tractor has 3-point or draft loads while pulling in the field. Suspension stiffness can be adjusted manually or automatically, allowing the operator to control power to the ground in the field or a more comfortable, controlled ride during transport. Advanced loader systems on the M7-2 include a mechanical self-levelling system that significantly increases the lifting height to 4250 mm. while providing an astonishing 2620 kg of front lifting power and the capability of lifting two 5 X 6 round bales. A tight turning radius, excellent mobility, and better forward visibility further enhance operational efficiency. The loader control lever is conveniently located to enable quick, smooth, and intuitive control of front loader operations. The M7-2 pushes the envelope to achieve a new level of power and efficiency in front loader performance.


The M7-2 Series includes Kubota’s most powerful engine. Offering improved engine performance by lowering the rated engine speed from 2200 rpm to 2100 rpm and lowering the output speed from 2200 rpm to 1900 rpm. Kubota’s updated engine results in better fuel economy and reduced engine noise. The M7-2 Series provides constant power and torque used for PTO and towing work.

30 Speed Semi-Powershift Transmission

Kubota’s M7-2 Series has a new semi-powershift transmission which provides an even greater range of forward gears. 30 gears in total lets you find the right gear for each job, for maximum productivity. An auto shifting function automatically evaluates the engine load which adjusts the engine output accordingly depending on the appropriate range gear. Kubota’s semi-powershift transmission offers improved acceleration performance under light loads.

Ultimate Comfort

Kubota’s M7-2 Series ensure long days in the field provide ultimate comfort throughout your ride. With a spacious four post suspended cab and reduced decibel labels, you can enjoy the virtually unobstructed views. Designed with your comfort in mind, the M7-2 Series include a new deluxe seat with more cushioning and armrest, with a wider range of adjustments. Kubota’s M7-2 Series pressurised cab features a high-performance heating, air conditioning system and ventilation with 25% greater air flow. This allows the cabin to quickly heat or cool, plus maintain the desired temperature.


Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system with 110 l/min flow, 3 standard rear remotes (optional 4) and power beyond to accomplish the most demanding jobs.



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