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4 months ago
Spitwater Pressure Washes
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Heating Cylinder 12V

Heating Attachment 12V

The Heating Cylinder converts your existing high pressure cold water cleaner into a hot water machine, instantly. Just connect to a suitable 12 volt power supply, add Diesel into the tank, connect the hoses and you are ready to go. It’s that simple to have instant hot water.

The Heating Cylinder can be connected to most high pressure cold water cleaners: both single and three-phase electric, petrol and Diesel engine driven. As it requires only 10 A to operate, the 12 V Heating Cylinder is portable and can be used anywhere where suitable 12 V power supply is available.

SPITWATER Heating Cylinders have a 12 V electric Diesel fired burner, long, horizontally mounted, seamless mild steel coil, the longest in its class. The horizontal mount ensures better ‘thru-burn’ which converts to a less sooty, better heating capacity and longer coil life. SPITWATER Heating Cylinders will heat water to 90° C, handle pressures up to 250 bar (3626 psi) and flows up to 21 litres per minute.

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