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Front Hopper SH1000 Series

Agricultural Machinery
Front Mounted Seeding Hoppers

The Kubota SH1000 Series Front Hoppers provide an integrated solution to seeding applications and are more flexible than conventional seed drills. The SH1000 suits regular or precision sowing, with quick calibration and accurate metering for fine seeds, which is perfect for efficient row fertilisation in combination with a precision drill. The modular mounted construction of the entire series ensures excellent weight distribution and provides maximum balance. This improves tractor manoeuvrability and enhances safety by giving the operator an unrestricted view over the entire set-up. Hopper capacity ranges from 1150 L to 2200 L, depending on the model, hopper extensions and ISOBUS controls.

Product Features

Hopper capacity starts at 1150 L with the SH1150 model, and increases to 1700 L with a standard hopper extension for the SH1150-ISO. In the bigger SH1650C, front twin hoppers with separate meters driven by a spiked land wheel hold up to 2200 L of seed or fertiliser. In every model, the position of valves and electrics is clear and convenient, for quick adjustment and easy maintenance. Hydraulic fan drives and hydraulic land wheel lifting are standard across the series.

Accurate Metering

The central meter accurately measures seed from 2 kg to 380 kg per hectare. A totally enclosed cell wheel measures seed volume and discharges seed into a venturi cone to be mixed with air and conveyed through the diffusor. 

Micro Metering

For fine seeds like rape or grass, the meter is infinitely adjustable to an exact calibration via a simple spindle, without any need for tools. The calibration tray, bag and scale provide fast and accurate weighing. 

Big Capacity

The SH1150 provides 1150 L of capacity, and the SH1150-ISO comes standard with a hopper extension to 1700 L. Twin hoppers and meters on the bigger model provide 2200 L as standard. 

Easy Empty

An easily accessed hopper door makes emptying the hopper quick and simple. Just place a bag under the machine and open the lever. 

ISOBUS Precision

The SH1150-ISO and SH1650C models are fully ISOBUS controlled as standard, allowing safe, convenient setting and monitoring. Universal terminals will do the job, and Tellus PRO or Tellus GO+ terminals are optional extras.



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