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4 months ago
Avista - Concrete Resurfacing
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Dulux Avista Resurfacing Colour Compound

Dulux Avista Resurfacing Colour Compound

Dulux Avista Resurfacing Colour Compound

The most popular colours in our Dulux Avista concrete reurfacing range are available premixed as the Dulux Avista Resurfacing Coloured Compound, which comes in a range of eight colours. The Resurfacing Coloured Compound is a decorative coloured concrete coating suitable for application over existing cured concrete surfaces. It is a suitable application for driveways, patios, pool surrounds, house and commercial decorative floors and certain road applications.

Application Method
Spray or Trowel

12.5-13 litres

20-24 m2 spray per coat

Drying Time
Determined by dry test

Finish/ Appearance
Matt, with opportunity for special decorative finishes

Interior/ Exterior Use

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