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The Land Pride range of folding rotary cutters includes models with working width from 12ft (3.6m) to 20ft (6.1m). The RC2512-2 has a 12ft (3.7m) working width and is suitable for 40-100hp tractors, The RC2512-2 has a 1.5″ (38mm) cut capacity making it ideal for pasture maintenance and similar light duty tasks. The RC37 series includes a 15ft (4.6m) working width model and is our most popular series. The RC37 series is highly versatile and heavy duty with a 3″ (75mm) cut capacity. The RC37 series is available with our standard painted finish or a galvanise dipped finish (RCG37 series). The galvanised model has all of the same great features as its painted counterpart. The only difference being the galvanised finish with 10 year rust through deck warranty. The RC57 series is a heavy duty series most commonly purchased by roadside mowing contractors, intensive users or customers looking for our most robust and durable 15ft (4.6m) folding rotary cutter. The RC57 series is available in 540 or 1,000rpm PTO speed and has an impressive 5″ (125mm) cut capacity. The RC46 series includes a 20ft (6.1m) working width model and is commonly used for wide area mowing applications like airports and air force bases. The RC46 series is available in 540 or 1,000rpm PTO speed and has a 3″ (75mm) cut capacity.

Product Features

The Land Pride range of folding rotary cutters are packed with features that improve ease of use and reliability. Spring cushioned axels ensure a smooth ride for the machine. Wings are easily levelled using turnbuckles ensuring excellent cut quality. Dual levelling rods enable the cutter to pull equally on the rear axle during travel over rough terrain. All three drivelines connecting the centre gearbox to each spindle are protected by slip clutch. Stump jumpers on each blade bar ensures the best possible driveline protection if foreign objects are encountered. A 5-year gearbox warranty on the RC25 & RC37 series and 7-year on RC57 & RC46 series provides excellent peace of mind and shows our confidence in this key driveline component. Maintenance is made easy thanks to innovative and easy to remove shields as well as grease zerks being located on the end caps of most driveline universal joints. For corrosive environments the RCG37 series provides a galvanise coated deck backed up by a 10-year deck rust-through warranty.


5 year limited gearbox warranty on RC25 & RC37 series.  7 year limited gearbox warranty on RC57 & RC46 series. This industry leading warranty shows our confidence in gearbox integrity.


LED lights are bright, long lasting and resistant to vibration, unlike the incandescent lights.


Wing skid shoes are flanged up along length of outside edge. This allows operator to turn without leading edge of wing skid shoes digging into the ground.

Sliding centre shield

Sliding centre shield offers ease-of maintenance for slip-clutches and U-joints.

Optional dual wing wheels

Dual wing wheels are optional on most models for improved flotation and ground following



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