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The Enviro DD30 is an accurate double disc air seeder, which is easy to set up and use.

Each vee-shaped double disc assembly has a 380mm diameter scalloped disc which cuts through trash and establishes a tilth while making a slot in the ground. The paired plain disc holds the slot open for the seed and fertiliser placement. A following press wheel, roller or harrows are used to close the slot and create some seed to soil contact for enhanced germination.

Dual 700 litre hoppers are big enough to hold a half tonne bag of fertiliser or grass seed, and the high speed fan ensures seed and fertiliser is carried to the planting discs, even on steep slopes.

The DD drills come in 3m or 3.5m widths and with optional extras such as a crane, slug bait spinner or electric drive, this a very versatile drill.

Seed size:
Small to large
Operation size:


  • Accurate and versatile seed metering system
  • Large capacity split hopper
  • Double disc with ground following ability
  • Large loading/access platform with safety rails


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