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12ft (3.6m) Linkage Mounted Min-till Drill

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MIN TILLThe 1200 & 1500 3-Point Drills are 12′ (3.66m) and 15′ (4.57m) Mounted Min-Till Drills that, when combined with a CPH (Center Pivot Hitch), turns into a formidable no-till machine. Our 12′ (3.66m) and 15′ (4.57m) 3-Point Drills can be matched to fit your specific needs for accurate seed placement in varying field conditions and is available with the tough 00-Series opener.

Standard equipment include seed, smallseed and fertiliser box attachments with agitator.

Combine our opener with superior construction and innovative engineering, and you’ll quickly realise the advantages of owning a Great Plains 3-Point Drill.

With its 2″ x 13″ (50.8mm x 330.2mm) side depth wheels, the 20 Series Parallel Linkage Opener provides excellent depth control in min-till and conventional conditions. Side depth wheels also help prevent trench blowout in heavy gumbo-type soils.


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