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Truck Mount – Ausmix
Top Notch TMR and Easy transport for the whole farm

If you have a huge farm and a single tractor for operating and distributing TMR feed to your cattle proves to be too much of a hindrance, then a dedicated mixer might be your best solution. Introducing the AUSMIX Truck Mounted mixer!

Farmers and operators no longer have to worry about wearing down their tractors as the AUSMIX Truck Mount can still produce a consistent and highly nutritious mixed ration while being more mobile. With it, rest assured that your livestock will get all the nutrition they need without missing a beat!

Highly Mobile Mixer

The AUSMIX truck mount mixer is best reserved for farmers who are looking for a dedicated mixer that needs to cover vast distances regularly.

Truck Chassis translates to better speed and maneuverability

Assembled unit is available, or we can convert your Truck to specifications as long as it comes with an Allison Transmission

Comes in two sizes: Standard Wide-Body Option at 2.5 m that’s open to Road Registration and Extra-Wide Option at 2.65 m that cannot be Road Registered

Ausmix Bowl and Fibre-X Auger

The Mixer has quite a few features that make it unique. Still, the Fibre-X vertical tapered auger stands out because it was developed specifically for the requirements of local feeding programs.

The machinery was designed for consistent TMR, which offers thorough mixing.

It enables better feed intake, reduces feed wastage, and improves digestibility.

It has 20mm plate flighting which has unmatched strength and durability

Multiple Conveyor Options

To increase usability and convenience for the end users, the Truck Mount can be delivered with a customized conveyor option to suit your feeding needs.

1.5m flip up the standard belt to quickly and easily empty its contents.

Up to 3.5m elevator for self-feeder

Hyd side shift for feed pad or paddock feeding

More Efficient

Farmers and operators love machines that last long and work as hard as they do. They want to be able to make farming more productive and profitable.

Planetary Gearbox was upgraded to a hydraulic-powered system.

The new system helps to sustain operations, improve the quality of feeding and offer the extra benefit of saving time.

The AUSMIX Mount is guaranteed to go above and beyond in fulfilling the needs of every farmer. It was designed, built and tested in Australia for Australians!

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to increase your profitability by reducing their feed costs. To be that way, you must use machinery that ensures high-quality productivity and herd health.

The problem is farmers are struggling to feed their livestock with the right amount of nutritious feed, which makes you feel as though they are not making a profit. We believe that Australian farmers and operators should not spend hours mixing feed because they can use machines that do all the work for them, saving them time and money.

We understand that the AUSMIX is an investment, which is why it was tested and proven to work for Australian farmers and conditions.

So call us now, so you can stop manually mixing feed for your livestock and start saving time and money!


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