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Swadro 2000

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The new Swadro 2000 allows customers to rake between 10m to 19m with very highest productivity. It gives you unsurpassed efficiencies, very little maintenance and quickest changeovers as well as high transport speeds, great longevity and a maximum of operator comfort. These machine can cover up to 20 ha/hour.


  • The Krone Jet Effect, means the rotor always lifts at the front first and sits down at the rear first when lowering the rotor, just like an airplane takes off and lands. This results in the tines not digging into the ground when lifting the rotors which reduces wear, strain on the drive train and crop contamination.
  • The largest tyres are used for the transport wheels and under the rotors. The rake comes with the CCI200 Isobus colour touchscreen monitor.
  • Standard for the Swadro 2000 is hydraulic width and swath width adjustment. This can happen independently from each other so that even though raking at the smallest work widths of 10m the windrow widths can still be altered wide for example. The high clearance frame and high rotor lift out allow the rakes to travel over massive windrows without disturbing them.
  • Customers tell us our rakes are the cleanest in the field. Our tines are pointing forwards which means when the tine loads up the distance to the ground decreases, to put all that valuable crop into the windrow rather than leaving it behind.
  • The new lift tine is even more forward facing to be exact about 100mm up the tine rod. This simple improvement results in the crop running up the tine rod, so that less material is dragging along the bottom of the tines which reduces crop losses, crop contamination and allows operators to finally use rotary rakes at faster forward speeds.
  • Krone tines are strong using 3 coils and 10.5mm rods. 4 double tines per rotor are standard and the Swadro 2000 offers 13 tine arms per rotor on the two front and 15 tine arms on the rear rotor.
  • Swadro 2000 offers electric rotor height adjustment from the cabin with height shown on the LCD screen. New on this Plus model is the ability to adjust one rotor followed by a push of a button so that all other three rotors adjust to the same tine height.


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