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Kubota’s SC Series Seeding Combination Seed Drills find the perfect balance between high-tech performance and easy operation. They work hard, yet are easy to handle, transport and maintain. The fully ISOBUS compatible SC series puts precision farming techniques like one-pass sowing and automatic headland control at your fingertips, to help boost efficiency, and save time and money.

Product Features

The SC1001 series is a trailed seed drill combination available in working widths of 4 m and 6 m to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. This seed drill combination has been designed with the lowest weight possible and requires relatively low pulling force. The SC series offers high performance and operator convenience, to achieve consistently good results. The focus in design has been especially given to high speed operation (10-18km/h) whilst ensuring a perfect seed placement.

Electronic Dosing

The ELDOS metering device is electrically driven and fully ISOBUS compatible. Special sensors ensure perfect functionality, which is safely and efficiently monitored from the cab. Calibration tests are simple, with on-screen guidance and settings – there’s no need to adjust any gears. The SC Series comes complete with a full set of rotors, for high-rate cereals through to grass, rape, lower seeding rates, and maize and sunflower seeds. 

Double Disc Coulter

Kubota’s hard-working and hard-wearing double disc sowing coulter comprises 2 steel discs of 410 mm diameter, with discs spaced at 125 mm. The slim and slightly offset disc design minimises soil movement, which in turn means that the 100 kg of available coulter arm pressure can work efficiently on the press wheels to deliver accurate seeding depth. 

Hopper Design

The SC Series Seeding Combination offers between 3000 L and 4350 L hopper with an accurate meter on either side, the precise application of seed is easily achieved, which has been shown to increase crop yield. The meters can deliver precise sowing rates of between 1 and 400 kg per hectare, depending on working speed and width. A rollover hopper cover is standard on the SC1001 series hopper. With a 60:40 split bin as standard on the 4200 L hopper and 50:50 for the smaller 3000 L hopper. The smaller hoppers divide lengthwise, the bigger hopper divides by width, and all have a meter on either side.

Front Packer

The 4 m folding SC1401CF and 6 m folding SC1601CF come with an 800 mm front packer as standard, driven by the headland management system, which helps to keep the set-up level and precise in tough conditions by crushing large clods. It also reduces the required tractor power and helps to stop the machine from bogging down in wet conditions.

Headland Management

The SC Series has an onboard and fully automated headland management system as standard. A single button initiates the management system and controls the automatic operation of wheels, discs and coulterbar. Thus the SC only needs one double-acting control valve. Metering stops automatically with the headland sequence to prevent wasteful double seeding. 

Offset Rear Wheel Packer

First pack, then seed. For perfect depth control of the coulters and an optimum seed-to-soil contact providing excellent capillary action, the loosened soil is re-compacted by a large tyre packer. The large tyre diameter of 900mm significantly reduces the tractive power required by the machine and thus ensures a consistently good work result.



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