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Power Harrow PH1001 Series

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The Kubota PH1001 Series are medium-sized power harrows designed for heavy conditions and tractors up to 140 PTO hp. Thanks to hardened gears and good distance between the conical bearings, the trough design for the PH1001 is strong, reliable and trouble-free.

Product Features

The Kubota PH1001 Series Rigid Power Harrow is the ideal implement for mid class tractors up to 140 PTO hp. Working widths in this series are either 2.5 or 3 m, with matching transport width, and PTO input of 540 rpm. The light weight but strong design mean excellent performance in a range of conditions. The trough is self-supporting, with 95 mm clearance between the trough bottom and tine holder. The 50 mm tine shafts and two large conical bearings set wide provide rigidity and long service life.

Heavy-Duty Trough

The Kubota PH1001 Series performs well in difficult soils due the robust trough design and large clearance between the tine holder and trough bottom. This allows residues and stones to pass freely and provides excellent results in mulch conditions. A 5 mm profiled plate and 5 mm top plate form the 120 x 400 mm trough. Fully welded rotor housings ensure high bend and torque resistance, while precise rotor positioning and a 10 mm reinforcement plate guarantee strong performance. 

Family Headstock

The Kubota “family” design headstock incorporates strength and durability while limiting machine weight. The headstock can be used across the PH1001 and PH2001 power harrows, and is tough enough to couple with the complete range of Kubota seed drills. 

Quick-Fit Tines

The Kubota PH1001 Series comes standard with quick-fit 12 x 280 mm tines that fix to the tine holder by pin and clip. All tines can be quickly replaced without tools. The tines are arranged in varying angle positions to prevent damage caused by stones and to ensure even levelling. This also reduces peak loads on the driveline and results in smoother running and less fuel consumption. Toughened carbide layer quick-fit tines are optional, and minimise downtime thanks to excellent wear even in tough and abrasive soils. 

Rear Rollers

Kubota offers a range of rollers to suit various soil conditions and crop establishment systems. The 550 mm diameter cage roller suits light to medium soils and dry working conditions, and is good for basic depth control. The versatile 575 mm packer roller suits medium to heavy soil, especially as part of a heavy power harrow / seed drill combination. The 565 mm Actipack roller is great in medium to heavy soils and perfect for aggressive seedbed preparation. 

Rear Levelling

Kubota’s high performance rear levelling bar is infinitely height adjustable. The turnbuckle adjustment is easy to use, even with a seed drill mounted. A scale ensures even height across the full working width, and an in-built spring maintains the bar in a consistent operating position.


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