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Kubota’s pendulum spreaders are a proven solution for dairy farms, vineyards, general agriculture, horticulture, sports fields and golf courses. Our VS pendulum spreaders offer optimal patterns for even distribution in all conditions, even when it’s windy. A variety of spouts for different applications and working widths make it easy to efficiently spread fertiliser, seeds, sand, salt, pellets or any granular product. In addition, the tough construction resists damage from aggressive types of inputs.

Product Features

Kubota’s vertical pendulum spreaders deliver maximum accuracy in fertiliser application. Spreading quality and ease of operation for these unique machines are unequalled. The model numbers indicate hopper capacity, from 220 to 750 L, and extension rims are available that push capacities out to 330 and 1650 L, respectively. VS spreaders are available with manual control, hydraulic remote control from the cab or even electronic control with an optional spreading computer. Spreading widths vary from a tight 0.75 m to an efficient 15 m, depending on which of the 9 spreading spouts offered are fitted to the spreader.

Versatile Spreading Spouts

The VS series suits a huge range of applications thanks to 9 different quick-change spreading spouts. A nylon spout for 9 to 15 m widths is standard, but other spouts will handle granular fertiliser, sand and lime, or even feed fish into water channels. There are even spouts for band row spreading for under orchard trees or vineyards.

Even Spread

The unique side-to-side motion of the pendulum spout ensures fertiliser is spread left and right, not to the front, and a gentle agitator means an even material feed. As well as identical coverage and excellent overlap on both sides of the machine, this motion prevents the tractor from getting covered with fertiliser, even if it’s windy.

Durable Frame and Hopper

The VS series frames are designed to avoid corners where fertiliser or other materials can accumulate. The hard wearing polyethylene hopper construction can also withstand aggressive types of fertilisers, while the unique Duracoat powder painting provides exceptional corrosion resistance to the frame and spreading unit.

Easy Application

A simple plastic scale allows for continuous adjustment of the application rate in kg per hectare, so the risk of spreading error is minimal. Refilling and calibration are easy too. The spreading chart and dial help to determine the desired quantity of fertiliser for every working width and forward speed. 




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