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Stubble cultivation is vital in conservation tillage: it incorporates weed and volunteer cereal seeds into the soil with intensive mixing and promotes germination for more efficient subsequent treatment. The even incorporation of straw is a key factor for seed germination. The Kubota CD2001F Series of disc cultivators is ready for shallow or deep cultivation and straw mixing. The CD2001F shows excellent performance with large amounts of residue (straw, intermediate green crops etc.) thanks to its small notched conical discs.

Product Features

The Kubota CD2001F Series Compact Disc has a strong frame design and light weight, making it easy to lift and resulting in reduced soil compaction. With user-friendly settings, it’s easy to operate and has good levelling and controlled soil flow.

Disc Arms and Discs

The CD2001F Series provides consistent cutting quality due to little lateral movement of the disc arm. A heat-treated and hardened 600 x 6 mm conical disc provides long wear life. Well-protected maintenance-free disc hubs and double roller high-speed bearings with 5 lip seals are robust under large pressures at high working speeds. 

Sturdy Frame and Headstock

The CD20001F Series is extremely sturdy and fitted with a proven frame from the Kubota cultivator range. With a reinforced headstock main beam of 200 x 200 x 10 mm and a main frame of 100 x 100 x 8 mm, the CD2001F can accommodate the heaviest roller. Brackets for the roller are fixed at the front bar of the frame for better weight transfer during transport and at higher driving speeds. Due to the small distance between the disc sections, the CD2001F Series requires less lift capacity. Working depth is easily adjusted by spacers at the hydraulic depth cylinders. In addition, the lateral deflectors are foldable to keep transport width in line with road traffic regulations. 

Maintenance-Free Bearings

Each angled arm on the CD2001F Series is fitted with a 35 mm axle and large maintenance-free double ball bearing. This high-quality bearing is able to carry heavy radial and axial loads. Special side protection of the arm is achieved by 5 sealing lips and a protective joint. On the other side the disc is protected against dust by an O-ring. The CD2001F Series disc hub is fixed onto the arm by a bolt and special washers that prevent loosening. The bolt in turn is protected against soil by its position inside the arm. 

Perfect Cutting Quality

The upper part of the CD2001F Series arm is fitted with special brackets to avoid lateral movement, and the cutting angle is fixed to ensure optimum quality even in dry conditions. The rear disc is offset to the front unit to provide optimum performance and trash incorporation. A rubber shock system adjusts to the size of the disc and working speed and the maintenance-free arms are mounted between rubber buffers to absorb shock from contact with obstacles. In addition, the notched discs improve penetration and rotation irrespective of plant residues. 

Choice of Rear Rollers

Kubota offers a choice of rear rollers, depending on soil specifications, consolidation required, mix of soil and straw, soil surface and available lift capacity. The CD2001F Series offers an optional 550 mm diameter cage roller (weighing 90kg/m) and a heavier 565 mm diameter Actipack roller (220 kg/m) for clod crushing, very firm soil recompaction, and heavy/sticky soil conditions. 



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