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BX80 Series

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BX80 Series

From mowing lawns to moving soil, slashing paddocks or digging a trench, Kubota’s BX80 Series is the all-rounder for lifestyle property maintenance. Compact in design yet powerful in performance, the sub compact BX80 Series tractor range is designed to tackle a range of jobs with ease. Boasting exceptional manoeuvrability, even in the tightest of spaces.


BX80 Series tractors are powered by rugged engines, built by Kubota exclusively for BX models, and renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and durability.

BX1880, BX2380 and BX23S models are equipped with 18- and 23-horsepower diesel engines, while the BX2680 packs a 25.5-horsepower diesel engine under the hood for that extra bit of grunt.

All BX engines are 3-cylinder workhorses, offering power unparalleled for tractors this size, with enough muscle to tackle even your toughest jobs.


Easy to use Hydrostatic transmission offers fast and smooth forward and reverse speed and direction changes via twin foot pedals that leave your hands free for steering and implement control.

Equipped with hydraulic power steering that offers effortless control while reducing operator fatigue. With dimensions similar to a lawn tractor, the BX series is easy to maneuver and offers smooth operation even in tight spaces.

Due to their compact size, BX tractors are incredibly gentle on turf. Rugged and sturdy 4-wheel drive provides powerful traction for heavy duty front end loader work and rear implement work.

Your choice of turf, bar or industrial tyres are available. (BX23S model comes standard with industrial tyres)

The Driver’s Seat

Operator comfort is maximised with a fully flat platform that provides plenty of legroom. A deluxe seat keeps you working comfortably and efficiently even on the most demanding jobs. The high-back reclining seat is fully adjustable and equipped with adjustable armrests. Soft cushioning supports the back and legs for optimum operator comfort.

The BX instrument panel offers easy to read indicators for all vital information you need to keep your tractor running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. A single glance at the instrument panel tells you everything you need to know about the major functions of your BX tractor. The large tachometer features a convenient orange indicator that shows the optimum rpm range for loader/backhoe and rear PTO work.

Cruise control automatically maintains a constant speed, letting you take your foot off the forward pedal. It’s the easy way to mow large areas or travel long distances. Featured are large angled control lever guides for hassle free shifting, fast lever recognition and easy operation. All controls and indicators are neatly and ergonomically placed for quick, easy and user-friendly operation.

The BX80 Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) quickly folds without tools, letting the BX easily pass under low obstructions. It also makes storage in a garage or shed a snap.

Hydraulics & PTO

The BX-Series feature a sturdy, hydraulically controlled Category I 3-point hitch that allows you to attach a wide variety of rear implements for whatever task you have in mind.

Rear and Mid PTO’s allow you to run PTO driven implements on the rear, as well as a mid-mount mower deck underneath the tractor.

The BX80 Series features a unique system for attaching and detaching all four front end loader hydraulic lines at the same time, making it fast and easy to attach and detach the front end loader. The no-spill type coupler helps keep your tractor’s frame clean and oil-free.


The most versatile compact tractor yet. From the moment you bring it home, the BX23S is ready to go to work loading, mowing, digging, and more. It comes with a performance-matched and fully integrated backhoe and front end loader as standard equipment.

Kubota’s Swift-Connect and Swift-Tach systems let you quickly and easily attach the backhoe (Swift-Connect) and front loader (Swift-Tach). A heavy-duty reinforced frame provides the durability, stability, and strength to complete any tough task.

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