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B26B Tractor

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Equipped with high end features you need to accomplish a wide range of tasks, the Kubota B26B tractor is ideal for landscaping and light construction applications, with heavy duty front end loader and backhoe attachments fitted as standard equipment. Experience increased loader lifting capacity, greater backhoe digging power and depth and increased durability. The B26B is a premium compact tractor for those that seek only the best in comfort, safety and design.


Tackle the toughest jobs with the B26’s rugged 26HP diesel engine. It boasts an enviable combination of high power, high torque rise, low noise, low vibration and cleaner emissions. Easy to start on cold mornings, this high-output, liquid-cooled engine will prove both dependable and durable for years to come.


Features 3 range hydrostatic transmission offering exceptional handling.

The B26’s 4WD ensures virtually unstoppable performance under difficult conditions or on varying terrain.

The Driver’s Seat

Operator comfort has been enhanced by a, fully flat deck layout with the brake on the left side, providing more room for the feet. The deluxe seat cushioning reduces fatigue, even when working long hours, and slides forward and back, letting you find just the right position for maximum personal comfort.

The loader joystick is mounted to the side console to give you better control of the B26’s loader. This allows the operator to utilise multiple functions with ease. Located next to the console-mounted loader joystick, this armrest helps to reduce arm movement and fatigue.

Cruise control automatically maintains a constant speed, letting you take your foot off the forward pedal. It’s the easy way to mow large areas or travel long distances. Switching to backhoe operation a snap, simply lift a lever and rotate the B26’s deluxe seat from forward facing to rear facing and back again.

Hydraulics & PTO

The Independent PTO keeps stopping to a minimum. With this handy feature, you can stay productive by engaging and disengaging the rear PTO without ever having to stop the tractor. To give you the ability to take on bigger jobs, the lifting capacity of the B26’s Category I 3-point hitch is 760 kg. This will allow you to attach a wider variety and larger implements, making you more productive.

Front Loader

The loader on the new B26 has a rated operating load of 355kg. This allows you to handle heavy loads and gives you more power on any job. The lift height of 2390 mm is the best in class.

The 3rd Function Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve allows you to do more than ever. The Skid Steer-type quick coupler enable the use of a 4-in-1 bucket, grapple bucket and various other hydraulically controlled implements. The 3rd Function Valve can be easily activated with a button located on the grip of the loader joystick.


Here’s everything you could want in a backhoe—more power and the ability to dig deeper. The B26 offers more than 1815 kg of bucket breakout force and a digging depth of 2540 mm. And best of all, you get all this in a compact tractor.

Smooth and precise movement of the arm and boom thanks to our high-performance inching valve. This comes in handy when simultaneous arm and boom movements are required or when using the backhoe to finish jobs.

Our four-point attach/detach backhoe allows operators to quickly remove the backhoe from the integrated frame and install the Category I 3-point hitch for implement use.


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