Massey Ferguson’s new specialised range

Massey Ferguson introduces the new MF 3700 Series, offering the perfect range of tractors for horticulture, viticulture and other specialist applications. Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of the new specialist MF 3700 Series to the Australian and New Zealand market. This specialist range of tractors designed by highly skilled engineers are ideal for those farming on vineyards, fruit orchards or hill farmers. As Massey Ferguson Product Manager John Horan explains “Farmers whose high value crops and challenging terrain present additional demands will benefit from even higher levels of specification, which can be tailored to meet their individual requirements”. Offering a range of tractors in the 75-105 horsepower range, the MF 3700 Series is equipped for optimal performance that does not compromise on comfort and versatility. The philosophy behind the MF 3700 range is simple, it’s designed to fulfil any need and with numerous combinations available there is something for every specialised farmer. There are five key models available as part of the MF 3700 range: Vineyard, Specialist, Fruit, Ground Effect, and Wide Fruit.
Jacinta Mulder

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